Monday, July 12, 2010

Taylor Park to Ridgway

July 11

Our last morning in Taylor Park.  Since we didn't have a long way to go, we were able to spend some time in chairs enjoying the view while we had our coffee.  Almost every morning the lake made it's own little cloud, which floated off down the canyon by around 8 am. 

We are now camped at Ridgway State Park; things are quite different here. We're over 2,000 feet lower; the temperatures are much warmer.  We will most likely have to run the air conditioner every day; last night it didn't cool down until 9pm.  I"m at Cimarron Books and Coffee in Ridgway, using their free WiFi - again, I'm out of AT&T coverage to use my iPhone's internet and related apps.  I think they're going to get to know me pretty well the next 12 days!

We plan to go to Ouray, Silverton, Owl Creek Pass, and a few other places while we're here.  Don can fish the Uncompahgre River by walking 30 yards from our campsite.  So I can leave him there while I come to town.

Until later!

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heyduke50 said...

i always love the early fog banks as they slowly burn off...