Monday, October 24, 2011

Anza-Borrego was a little too hot for us...

Back in early September, we thought that late October would be a nice time in the desert. So our friends Patrick & Patty and Gary & Suzy decided to make it a group weekend, and we all made reservations for adjoining sites. Don and I decided to go down there a day early.

It was HOT!  Luckily our television and satellite dish worked, along with the air conditioner, so we stayed inside and watched tv most of Thursday evening and Friday during the day. We had to run the air conditioner at night in order to sleep - it was too hot to open up the windows. Don decided to get up early Friday morning, and hiked up Palm Canyon to the oasis and palm tree grove.  I just didn't have the desire to go out there in the heat.

Gary and Suzy showed up mid-afternoon on Friday, and Patrick and Patty got there about 7:30. They were joined by their best friends Jody and Kat, along with Andrew and Dave. 

This weekend was Borrego Days in town, so on Saturday Don and I went to check out the festivities. After walking around to see the booths, we ate some wonderful barbecue and drank some raspberry lemonade. By then I was melting (can you tell I hate to be hot?) so we returned to the trailer to escape into the air conditioning.

Saturday night we all gathered at Gary and Suzy's RV to enjoy a chili feed. I had made a crockpot full of chili with meat (beef and pork) and Patrick cooked up a pot of vegetarian chili. Suzy provided all kinds of condiments and chips, and we sat around for several hours enjoying each other's company.

You can bet that Sunday morning Don and I were out of there as quickly as we could - and it was so nice to walk into our house. The thermometer on the wall said it was 58˚ inside when we got home. I promised I wouldn't complain (for a while) about being cold.

Below are Don's pictures from his hike up Palm Canyon.  There's running water in the stream - even in the hot desert.


Saturday, October 1, 2011

A heck of a week

I'm so glad this week is over.
1. Sunday night I was awakened by severe pain in my lower right abdomen. It hurt any time I moved. By Tuesday it had migrated to my hip. I was pain free while lying or sitting down, in excruciating pain when I stood up, and then after walking 10-15 steps, the pain would go away. I went to the doctor on Wednesday, had my hip X-rayed, and got a tentative guess that it could be a bone spur. I was told to continue my water aerobics, so I did.
2. I took my daughter to a check-up at UC Irvine, where she learned some scary news. She had to go back the next day to see a different physician, and is now scheduled for two procedures next week, one of which will be under general anesthesia. The fear is that her initial diagnosis (6 years ago) of ulcerative colitis was incorrect and she actually has Crohn's Disease.
3. Don ran over a giant log in Lee Vining 2 weeks ago and ruined the spoiler underneath the front of his truck. He got that replaced this week, and it wasn't cheap.
4. Our daughter's truck needed to have its transmission replaced. We dropped it off on Wednesday, and picked it up Friday afternoon. $3K. Ouch.

I DID have a wonderful quilt guild meeting on Friday, and this afternoon my hip quit hurting. Texas Tech defeated Kansas this morning. So the week has ended with a couple of nice things.

I spent today at the sewing machine, except for a quick trip over to Oak Glen to see a small quilt show. That will be a separate post on Just One More Stitch. Dinner was Pioneer Woman's Cajun Chicken Pasta--and it was wonderful.

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