Sunday, November 28, 2010

Feeling a little bit jealous...

I've been catching up on various things since we returned from Texas yesterday. Today, I decided to tackle Google Reader - where I had 567 posts waiting to be read.  At first, I scrolled through them chronologically - it shows the newest ones first. But after a while, I decided to select various bloggers and read all their posts at once.

I'm a little jealous of the full- and part-timers who have made their ways to the different warm spots they love to live in during the winter - from southern Arizona, to southern Texas, to Florida, South Carolina, and Georgia, and to the desert spots closest to me in Anza Borrego and the Mojave. 

We returned from Texas to 5 inches of snow on the ground, and then last night it snowed another 2-3 inches. We ran the heater most of the morning and then Don got a fire going in the fireplace. So while I'm warm, it's not barbecuing or hiking weather!

My happy countdown continues - and we're looking forward to next winter, when maybe we can track some of these folks down and enjoy a taste of their lifestyle with them. Until then...

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Hitting the road Friday...

but without the trailer!

We're going to go to Lubbock, Texas to see my mother for Thanksgiving. For the past 10+ years, we've gone camping or RVing - but this year we're just taking the truck and staying with Mom.

Then our son's coming home on leave December 8 and will be here all through winter break - meaning we don't get to go anywhere then, either.

So I know that in February, which will be our first opportunity to go somewhere, we'll definitely be ready to go!  Don's already decided we'll try to get a site at Camp Pendleton on the beach at Oceanside.

Until then, I'll just have to dream about this coming summer - when we get to hit the road and not have to hurry back for work in August!