Tuesday, May 26, 2009

John Muir Wilderness

Yesterday we hiked into the John Muir Wilderness. It's a fairly easy hike - only a few small hills and minor elevation gain. I was at the end of my cold, so I just walked slowly, rested often, and enjoyed sitting at the lakes where we stopped so Don could fish.

Hot Creek

East of Mammoth Lakes is the Hot Creek Geological Area, along with a stretch of the creek that is considered trophy trout water. The first part of it is privately owned, but there's a one-mile stretch open to the public. Pretty, yes?

What a wonderful weekend

We spent 5 nights in East Fork Campground on Rock Creek at 7800' in the eastern Sierras. Don fished the creek, Rock Creek Lake, and 4 small lakes in the John Muir Wilderness. I stitched, read, hiked, and had a totally relaxing time - except for the fact that I had a really bad cold the whole time. I still insisted on yesterday's hike - the elevation gain wasn't that much, and I knew I could walk slowly. I ended up with great pictures and sunburned legs!