Sunday, March 18, 2012

Two feet - and hoping it'll stop soon

This is the view from our front window. That's not fog - it's heavy snow. The hand railings were wiped off this morning - that's how much it snowed today. Total so far is about two feet.

Our plan was that if we knew a big storm was coming, we'd take the trailer and head to the desert. However, not only are the breaks bad on the truck (a friend will be replacing them for us soon), I have the most painful back situation I've had in over 30 years. It's a form of sciatica called Piriformus Syndrome.  I hurt myself at water aerobics, and it's gotten worse and worse. I saw the doctor on Thursday for the diagnosis - he gave me muscle relaxants, Vicodin, and prednisone. I'm going through the various side effects, and can function a few hours a day. I've had some good time to sew - the getting up and down to cut and iron wasn't bothering me until today. AAArrrrggghhh. This is cutting into my sewing time!  I'm enthroned in my recliner, heating pad behind me, and Don's got a lovely fire in the fireplace.   Things could be worse, I guess.