Sunday, November 8, 2009

30 Years Ago This Month

That's me on the left in the green vest, with two friends. We're just below Sierra Blanca ski resort (nowadays it's called Ski Apache) in New Mexico.

Forgotten Summer Post - North Lake and South Lake (Bishop Creek)

I just discovered these still in my iPhoto files - I never put them on my blog.

After we left Crescent City, we had two long days of driving in order to make our way back across California. The first day, we had to go northeast back into Oregon - to Grants Pass - where we picked up the Interstate and came south to Redding. At Redding we went east to the Shingleton-Lassen KOA for one night, and then to the RV park at Topaz Lodge for another. Our next long-term stop was Parcher's Resort, on Bishop Creek just below South Lake. It's a very small campground, and we barely fit it. Don had a great week fishing Bishop Creek, North Lake and South Lake. We went to Lake Sabrina, but just to see what it looked like. It was a bit crowded that day and he preferred the other two.

South Lake

North Lake

Don fishing on North Lake