Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Ridgway State Park - best site

The best site in Ridgway State Park, in our opinion,  is the one we're in.  Yes, I've seen people post on forums about how nice it is at Dakota Terraces or Elk Ridge, but our site, #254 in Pa-Co-Chu-Pak, has got to be the best.  Here's why:  first of all, it's at the end of the loop, with no one next to us.  We face out into a large field that has a seldom-used pavilion in it.  Every morning we've been here, we take our coffee outside and watch the deer come out of the creekbed to the east and slowly make their way to the river and back.  One of the deer has a fawn that trots along after her.  So nice.  We're also close to the trail that goes down to the river - so Don only has to go about 75 yards to the water.  The sites that look like they're on the river are actually on bluffs above it - with steep dropoffs.  This site has the river access that Don needs.

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