Monday, July 12, 2010

Kebler Pass and Lake Irwin - my 54th birthday

This is the view looking west from the top of Kebler Pass.

That's Don again, in his float tube on Lake Irwin.  It's a heavily used little lake just north of Kebler Pass. It has a 38-site Forest Service campground - with 6 bathroom buildings to clean and just one pair of camp hosts.  I spoke with them for a little bit - they were clearly overwhelmed with the task and a bit put off by the Forest Service's unwillingness to give them any help. They were expected to be there all the time; when they asked their supervisor about going to town to do laundry, check mail, use the internet, make phone calls, etc., they were told to squeeze in time when they could.  I don't think they'll be doing this campground next summer! 

We had another great day here - though around 1 it got really cold and windy - and I felt like I was sitting right in a wind tunnel. So I went to sit in the car; about an hour later Don came in because he was cold and wet (it had started to rain.) 

We next headed back down to Crested Butte, where we spent a couple hours shopping before dinner,
This unique bench is made of old car bumpers and assorted other parts.

Dinner was at Timberline - and it was fabulous. I had filet mignon; Don had duck cassoulet. I discovered a new wine that I just love - it's a sweet riesling from Pacific Rim. 

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