Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Dallas Creek

July 17

It's just has hot here as it is in many parts of the country - and while we have electricity and can run the air, it's much nicer to head to high country so Don can fish and I can relax in the shade with a good book.  We'd read in our little fishing guide that upper Dallas Creek had a small lake - so we decided to go up there. Dallas Creek's source is a cirque below Mt. Sneffels, so the road goes all the way up to the Blue Lakes trailhead. 

Mt. Sneffels, 14,150'
We were unable to find the lake - which turned out to be a beaver pond we saw on our way back down - so we stopped at Willow Swamp Campground so Don could fish Dallas Creek.  It isn't really a campground - just a parking area with dispersed places for people to set up, and Willow Swamp really isn't a swamp - it's a gorgeous meadow that runs along Dallas Creek.

Looking south over Willow Swamp towards Mt. Sneffels.  

We stopped in the clearing just to the left of the middle center.  I put my chair out in the shade and chased the shade for two hours.  After lunch I told Don he had about one more hour until I lost the shade up on the hillside (can't put my chair on a slope!).  It was hot, even at that altitude, so shade was a must.

He caught lots of fish - so it was yet another successful day!

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Rick said...

Beautiful pictures of those mountains! Thanks for sharing!