Monday, July 12, 2010

Catching Up: Taylor Park - June 29-30

Location: Cimarron Books and Coffee Shop, Ridgway, Colorado

While I've been using only my iphone for posting, and have had very little internet access with my laptop, I didn't notice until today that Wanderlust has three more followers:
Dixxe's Doodles - Dixxe has a blog she calls My Life-Art-Photography
Heidi - a fulltimer in a VAN, with her husband. Read about it in Vantramps
and Laura, who as far as I know doesn't have a blog.
Welcome to all three; I hope my writings about my travels and plans for the future continue to interest you.


We stayed at Taylor Park in the Lakeview Forest Service campground on a hill above the south end of Taylor Park Reservoir.  Above is the view we had from our site.  The peaks in the distance are the Collegiate Peaks - beyond them is Aspen. 

This is a HUGE herd of cattle we encountered on our way up the Taylor River above Almont. There were several hundred of them, all walking up the highway, crossing willy-nilly back and forth and holding up traffic for miles.  Of course, the mess they left was not good for our truck and trailer, either.

This is the upper Taylor River, about 10 miles north of the reservoir.  This section is considered Gold Medal trout water - and Don spent many days on this part of the river while we were in Taylor Park.

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On Da Road said...

Do you recommend that CG for tenting as well? I am heading up that way in another 10 days. Looks beautiful. I have never been there.