Monday, July 12, 2010

The End of the Road, and Spring Creek Reservoir

July 8

There are two things I have always wanted to see:
1.  What's at the end of the road, and
2. What's on the other side.

This was a drive to see both. First, we drove as far up the Taylor River road as we could - about 30 miles.  It ended in this valley, where a hiking trail continued further up the river.

Up here the river is pretty small - a creek, really, but Don still investigated for possible fishing.

I turned around and took this photo looking back downriver.

We stopped for about an hour for Don to do a little fishing; he caught a couple small brook trout.

From here we drove up to "the other side" of the mountain that sits on the west side of Taylor Reservoir. Our destination was Spring Creek Reservoir - about the same size as Mirror Lake, and also with a campground next to it. This one (Mosca) is well-used since there's easy access from the city of Gunnison. Don put his float tube in, and only came out a couple of times when we got some rain showers. We stayed there until nearly 5 pm. It was another wonderful day of relaxation.

That's Don - the small orange dot in each photo.

I don't want to go back to California.

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