Monday, June 14, 2010

Montrose to Lake City

Our view from the trailer

We finally made it to our "home" for the next few weeks - Highlander RV & Campground in Lake City, Colorado. It was a beautiful drive - the section of US 50 between Montrose and Gunnison is one of the loveliest drives I've ever been on, with the basalt palisades, pines, aspen glades, and rivers.  About 10 miles out of Montrose, we came across a traffic jam:
The sheepherders were driving an enormous herd from some unknown pasture to the sheep camp we saw another 4 miles up the highway.  They were escorted by drivers in cars waving large red flags to slow the traffic down in case a sheep decided to dart out onto the highway.

We stopped to stretch our legs at the bridge across Blue Mesa Reservoir, and I remembered when I came through there in 1977.  At that time the lake and rivers were so low, the  river was flowing under the bridge. This summer the lake is almost completely full, and so it's backed up many miles eastward towards Gunnison.  I took this shot looking west across the lake:

We pulled into the Highlander, and we welcomed warmly by Don and Dianne Campbell.  Don is a retired Air Force pilot, and he and Don talk a lot of "Air Force talk" when we stay with them. They're getting ready to retire from the campground owning business in a year or so, and their son Scott, who is a Lt. Col. in the Army will be retiring and taking over the Highlander.  But for now, Don and Dianne are our hosts, and they gave us one of the best sites for our stay here:

There's no one on this side of us, so we have a nice grassy area instead. We're close enough to the little waterfall to hear it cascade softly down the hillside behind us. We have a view out our slide window of the rest of the campground and the mountain behind it, and the view the other direction is the photo at the top of this post. 

Tonight is the first of weekly potluck barbecues - everyone brings their own meat to cook and a dish to share.  I've got a thick sirloin thawing, and will make a big German green salad to share.  The food is always so good at potlucks!

It's so nice to be here! 

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