Sunday, May 11, 2008

Our New Keystone Sprinter

After a year and a half in our Wave, we started to understand what we really wanted in a trailer. At first, we thought we'd want a motor home - and then found out we definitely couldn't afford one. We found this - which is much nicer than our Wave, and has a whole lot more room even though it's a foot shorter. (That's due to the huge double slide that has the dinette and couch in it.) This is a 250 RBS, meaning Rear Bath and Slide. It costs almost twice as much as the Wave did, but it's soooo worth it. I'll try to show as much as I can in the pics below.

This is the full-sized standup shower in the bathroom. It's almost as nice as the shower here at home!

Love those fixtures - this is called brushed oiled copper. This one's in the bathroom.

Nice sink/cabinet set.

Looking into the bathroom from the living room. The bathroom takes up the whole back end of the trailer, so it's twice as large as a normal RV bathroom. The shower is on the left as you go in.

There's a queen-sized bed in the bedroom, and you can actually walk to the "top" of it on either side - no climbing. As short as I am, I can reach those storage cabinets! That means I can actually use them!

I really like this kitchen sink and the tall faucet.

Here's another look at the kitchen sink and the cooking area. I've got lots of counter space with that flip-up extension, and 6 full-sized drawers for all my "stuff."

This is the entertainment center that serves as a dividing wall between the living room and the bedroom. Behind it are some sliding doors, and when you pull out the doors, you can rotate the flat-screen television to watch it from the bed! Below the television is a DVD/CD/radio/MP3 player.

Instead of a scissors sofa, we have a comfortable sofa-sleeper.

Refrigerator, bathroom door, and a full-sized pantry. Now I have room for food for our longer trips.

The dinette is about 5 inches longer than the normal RV dinette, and the table and countertops are a faux granite instead of plain white. There's a real light fixture above the dinette that makes it all look pretty.

More storage above the couch.

So what do you think? Can you tell I'm proud? We'll be taking it to the Sierras for Memorial Day weekend (I took 2 extra days off to make it a 5-night trip) and then to Colorado for the summer.

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