Saturday, May 1, 2010

Yard Sale Day 1

The first day of our large yard sale was today.  We had 6 different families and individuals with things for sale, and since we had it at Suzy's house, we were pretty busy all morning. I sold about half of the clothes and shoes, and lots of assorted other things - but there's a lot of stuff left for tomorrow.

That's Don on the left, talking to my good friend Patrick.  Patrick's mother Suzy offered her driveway for the yard sale, since they also had lots of things to get rid of. Suzy will be retiring THIS year, and she and her husband Gary plan to travel in their motorhome about half of each year.

This is a shot looking back at about 2/3 of our stuff.  I had three long tables from the office, as well as a big area on the ground - and I hung clothes on the fence (in the picture below).  But some of the stuff on my tables belonged to my friends Tara and Crystal who had asked me to try to sell some things for them. Patrick and his wife Patty had about 2 tables plus a lot of space on the ground, and Suzy had some large furniture plus 3 tables.

This is Patrick and his daughter Frances, who was a great cashier for us for most of the day. I hope she comes back tomorrow.  She's trying to sell an electric guitar with amp and accessories - there were lots of nibbles but no takers.

I'm tired, but since I was with friends all day, I had a great time.  I'm going to go make a taco salad for Don and me and then relax and watch soccer (we're Galaxy and Chivas USA fans).

Another Day Closer...

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Cindy said...

Sounds like an awesome day!! I wished I lived closer..I would of come by and I'm sure bought some stuff.lol

Good Luck Tomorrow..Cindy and Walker