Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Aready a long week...

Me, in July 1976, heading up towards Rock Creek Pass above
the Flint Lakes in the
Weminuche Wilderness, Colorado
I feel like I did in the picture above - heading up, and up, and up.  Yesterday was negotiations with the District. While it didn't go poorly, it didn't really go well, either. I feel we did make some movement, though, and continue to hope for the best (which is really not a good thing, considering what the "best" could look like).

I then worked a few hours in the office, and went to a social event in the evening. We were finished by 7, and I headed home, exhausted. At 8  I went to bed to read, and I think I turned the light off around 8:45.  That's the earliest I've been to bed in a long time.  But I must have needed the sleep, because I didn't get up until Don woke me at 6:30.

I'm enjoying a no-appointment/meeting day in the office, getting things organized/filed/trashed/etc. - something I seem to do all the time.  It's endless.  I'm also answering member emails about issues related to health care, negotiations, layoffs, retirement, evaluations, parent complaints, administrators, paychecks, and more.  I have to keep reminding myself that when I'm not tired, I really do love my job.

Another Day Closer...

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Margie M. said...

I hope the negotiations go well. You are in a tough spot, that's for sure. Good luck with all of it.