Thursday, April 29, 2010

Thursday Thoughts

Moose cow and calf 
Big Hole National Battlefield, Montana
June 2004

A. Continuing to get rid of stuff:
1. Gave away two 2-drawer file cabinets via Freecycle today - woman came and picked them up this afternoon.
2. Mailed the beer steins and quilt.
3. Threw away a bunch of old papers and magazines - why had I kept that stuff?  (I ask myself that all the time.)

B. I am nothing without my man.  At least, that's what the Air Force told me today. I went to the BX (and had planned to go to the Commissary), but as I was paying, the cashier noticed my ID card had just expired on April 2.  He confiscated it and told me to go to Pass & ID to get another. He insisted I would be able to get the new one without Don since they were using the DEERS system.  So, I went to Pass & ID, where I was turned away since I didn't have my lord and protector with me.  He'll have to take me in tomorrow where they'll acknowledge the supremacy of the sponsor and give me my new "dependent" ID card.  (And I was a Captain in the AF, for goodness sake!)
C. Our District administrators and board members continue to pretend that lies are truth. We have written proof of three different points, yet they needed to humiliate a woman at the board meeting and tell her she was misinformed.  I am (still) appalled that they can say what they say with a straight face. 

D. I'm sad for the 11 almost-retirees - who had the early retirement incentive pulled out from under them yesterday.  One was so upset she was sent home since she couldn't function at work. So far I know of only ONE who will still retire - meaning 10 people are going to work another year or two who'd be much happier if they weren't, and 10 teachers who could have been "saved" through those retirements will stay on the layoff list.  The explanation we got for the rescinding of the incentive is flimsy and based on faulty speculation.

At least we're getting closer to the end of the school year!

Another Day Closer... 

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Merikay said...

Although Craig has asked me to handle the reroofing contract, the roofer still wanted to have a meeting with both of us. It's OK with me, but if Craig had talked to him first, I doubt that he would have wanted a meeting with me. Women are still not quite equal.