Sunday, April 4, 2010

We felt that earthquake from 200 miles away

I was in my bedroom putting some clothes away, and the floor just started rolling.  It lasted for about 10 seconds up here, and it felt like a local 3.0.  I quickly went to the computer, and learned that it had taken place south of Calexico/Mexicali in Baja California.  Initially, the reports were that it was a 6.9, but then Lucy Jones from CalTech in Pasadena stated that it had been upgraded to a 7.2.  [I'm a geology buff - minored in geology in college and love all things related to rocks]  She also stated that it was so strong because it was a long portion of a fault that had ruptured.  In Baja, reports are that the shaking lasted 25-30 seconds.  That's a long time!

I've been told that one of the safest places to live when there's an earthquake is an RV, since it's designed to handle the bumps and rattles of the road. So to all my RV friends out in the desert - I'm glad you're safe!

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Merikay said...

We had quite a bit of damage in the 1989 earthquake here in Norther California. I taught me a lesson about putting too high a value on "Stuff."

Glad you and your are all OK.