Saturday, April 24, 2010

Dreamin' of a new trailer

Looking south along the Waterpocket Fold from Boulder Mountain, Utah
June, 2004
Today we spent about an hour at our trailer, hanging some wire baskets for fruits and vegetables to clear up counter space, and putting some plastic drawers in the bathroom closet.  After that we went to Colton and visited McMahon's RV and Mike Thompson RV.  I'd seen a Heartland ElkRidge advertised at McMahon's, but it had already been sold.  

We spent an hour or so with Debra at McMahon's - and she showed us a set of Coachmen Chaparrals and then three Coachmen Brookstones. The Chaparrals are in our price range, and are also light enough to tow with the truck we already have (Dodge Ram 2500).  There's a rear kitchen layout that I like - the 270RKS.  The Brookstones - oh my!  Not only are they way too heavy for us to haul, these are definitely "luxury" fifth wheels.  I can dream, right?!
I told Debra I was interested in previously-owned Heartlands and Tetons, so she'll let us know if any come in. She's expecting some new ElkRidges next month - so we'll go look at those when they come in. We think, however, that we're going to buy something previously owned - no need to get something brand new. Everything hinges on what we get for our house - we need to pay off a credit card and the  rest of the trailer - then we'll see what kind of down payment we can make on a new rig. Maybe we'll find one with a good truck as part of the package - a truck that can tow a heavier trailer. 

Next we went over to Mike Thompson RV - and I really didn't like anything there. The Keystone Outback is too "cheap" for me - and I don't mean to offend anyone with an Outback - but it just isn't my style.  We looked at some Montanas, but they are all too large and expensive.

So, I keep on dreaming. I really enjoy the "shopping," and since we've been in our Keystone Sprinter for 2 years now, we're getting a good idea of what we like and don't like. 

Another Day Closer...


Margie M. said...

Cyndi...we do not own a 5th wheel and we never have, but I have had a couple of folks tell me that their rear kitchen model was a bit bouncy. Sometimes they even had stuff break during a journey. This is just some stuff we've been told but maybe you could post an inquiry to other 5er owners with a rear kitchen to see if this is correct. Hope you find the rig that is perfect for you!

Cyndi said...

Margie, you're so right - we had a rear kitchen in our first trailer and it was quite bouncy. But I'd rather deal with that and have a nice large kitchen to cook in! Most of the layouts we looked at had what I started calling "baby kitchens" - a sink, a stove, and about a foot of counter space in between. I need a lot more counter space than that!

Merikay said...

Dreaming and looking is fun in a way. Knowing what you have to do to get there is a good step. The right trailer will be there when you are ready to move up. If you miss one good deal, another will come along in time.