Sunday, March 7, 2010

Losing the Stuff Update #4

The Rogue River, near Agness, Oregon

Today I had a guy and his family come up from Grand Terrace in response to a posting I'd made on craigslist. He bought Don's backpack, my Big Agnes sleeping pad, and our backpacking kitchen gear - stove, pans, mugs, etc.

I've made, to date, $409 on ebay - mostly cross stitch patterns, but also a couple pairs of never-worn Birkenstocks.

We have a few other things on craigslist that are pending - the people will be coming next week. The first thing I sold was a portable heater that was "extra."

A couple of things I've learned about craigslist and ebay:
1. Some people will always try to bargain you down in price, even after you put "FIRM" in the craigslit posting.
2. You should anticipate a half dozen scammer's emails after putting a post on craigslist. They tell you they have a great new way to earn money, and give you a link you should check out. Delete them all.
3. ebay buyers really appreciate your not trying to cheat them on postage. Go ahead and charge 50¢ for an envelope, but don't just tack on a few extra dollars just because you think you deserve that much for the drive to the post office.

Another Day Closer...

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Freely Living Life said...

This post brought back a flood of memories when we were trying to sell the last of our "stuff" before we set out for the road. It was far from easy. And we were selling some amazing items in next to new condition! But everyone wants something for nothing. I fully understand what you are going through. :) Congrats to making over $400 on ebay so far! That's a plus. Hope you had a fantastic weekend. <3