Friday, March 12, 2010

Back to Plan A

The Harbor at Izmir, Turkey
August 1980

We did some more research, talked with our financial advisor, crunched some more numbers, and came to the realization that I won't be able to take the incentive.

I'm okay with this. It was exciting to be contemplating retirement - soon - but it's nice to know for sure - now - what the next couple of years will be like. We'll still have our trips, both short and long, and I'll continue to get rid of our stuff.

Our next trip is TOMORROW! We're leaving in the morning for a week in Bishop and a week in Lone Pine. These are two of our favorite "close" places, where Don will be able to get a lot of fishing in and I'll relax and try not to think about work. I"m taking my sewing machine, we'll have our satellite dish, and I've got a couple good books to read, too.

Another Day Closer...

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Freely Living Life said...

Sorry to hear that the incentive plan didn't work out. Everything happens for a reason and we admire your positive attitude! Have a fun and relaxing time on your trip. =)