Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A little bit of everything day

First of all, welcome to my 5th follower - Merikay! Merikay and I are kindred spirits - both of us are in the process of getting ready to be full-timers. She's clearing out her house, as I am, using the same processes, and is a list maker - as I am. It's going to be fun following her as we go on this journey together.

We're still in Lone Pine; Don is currently in his float tube on Diaz Lake. He had a great day there Sunday, so he's gone back. I've thoroughly enjoyed the time here alone, especially since I no longer have that horrible cold. I sewed most of the morning and took lots of breaks to play on the computer. I finished this little quilt top - it's called "Dolly Duette" and it's from the Jan/Feb '10 issue of Quiltmaker. The one in the magazine used reds and taupes; I substituted blues and beiges. It measures about 21" square.

As I said, I played a lot on the computer. It was a day of planning, making lists, looking at recipes, and researching 5th wheels. We've gone and looked at 5th wheels at dealers, and I've done a lot of "window shopping" on various websites - from manufacturers to rv sales websites. Right now I'm pretty sure I want a Teton. It's made for full-timers, and has plenty of storage and kitchen space. I like the layouts I've seen; I really like the ones with the island in the kitchen.

I'm pretty sure we'll be able to locate a used one with a truck included through the internet when the time comes. Who knows - we might be able to find a trailer and truck that we like in southern California. (Of course, once we buy it, we'll work towards changing the state of registration. I really want to cut ties to California.)

I found some great recipes to try when we get home; made some lists of things to do at the office (I can't believe I'm thinking about work - STOP IT!), and did a chart for paying off the two vehicles and the 2 credit cards.

Don just came back from the lake - I'll publish this and go sit outside with him for a bit.

Another Day Closer...


Cindy said...

Cyndi..Hi my name is also Cindy. I was the one who posted on Somewhere in Time. I am so sorry if I sounded mad. I wasn't upset with you!! Sometimes I wish we had sound..lol
I would love to become a follower of ya'll. If you don't want me too ..I understand.
I hope we can move past this.
I'm going to post an apology on Joe's site.

Thank you..let me know please..Cindy from Tx

Merikay said...

Thanks for the nice welcome. I looked on map quest to see where Forest Falls CA was. We are up in Los Gatos, just north of Santa Cruz.

It sounds like a fifth wheeler is a great living space, and many of the full timers have them, but we might be looking for something a bit smaller for the first year or so because I really want to TRAVEL!

Should be interesting to see where we both go.