Thursday, March 25, 2010

Back Home Again

Welcome to Cindy, my 6th follower. We "met" under some strange circumstances, but are going to be good friends in this world of full-timing, and want-to-be-full-timing. She's from Texas; I'm from Texas - maybe we'll meet in person some day.

We came home from Lone Pine a day early - we saw on two different weather forecasts that tomorrow, our intended travel day, would be very windy. The forecasts also said that today would not be windy. At 5 am, we heard gale force winds outside, and thought we wouldn't be coming today. Then at 5:30, the winds abruptly ceased. We put everything away, disconnected and hitched up, and hit the road. As we got a couple miles down the road, the winds started again - and were really blowing the white "stuff" up from the Owens Lake bed. We stopped in Olancha for breakfast, and when we came outside afterwards, it was slightly breezy. The winds seemed to follow us all the way home - the winds that weren't supposed to be there - and Don had to work to hold his hands on the wheel for most of the trip. It sure was nice to get back to Mentone and park the trailer.

We unloaded quickly and I took off first - I had my Jeep parked at the storage facility - and I came home to a house that was 50˚. It was actually warmer outside than inside. Most of the snow in town has melted, but there are still huge piles left from the huger piles. The creek is running high from the snowmelt in the wilderness; I expect it will be that way for the next 3 months.

My friend Tara told me on Facebook that she was able to sell a few things at her garage sale; I'll itemize those later since I don't know what they are yet.

Before we left, I'd gotten rid of some sleeping bags, and still had a huge stuff sack left the size of a lawn-and-leaf bag. I decided to fill it with things for yard sale #1, and I'd read somewhere that you should put price tags on things in advance. I took about half an hour and have the bag half full.

In the yard sale bag:
2 handmade purses
1 pair Minnetonka sandals
1 pair Teva sandals
1 pair Teva hiking shoes
1 pair Crocs
1 half slip (new)
1 sports bra (new)
6 pairs Birkenstocks (barely worn)
1 curling iron
1 quilted project bag

To the trash:
3 t-shirts
2 pairs Birkenstocks
5 old undies

This is starting to get fun!

Another Day Closer...


Merikay said...

I find just putting them in the bag is a step toward lightening the load.

Good luck on net yard sale.

Margie M. said...

Love those yard sales! One man's junk is another man's treasure I always say. Hope you have good luck and make a ton of cash!