Wednesday, May 22, 2013

What fun!

I had a fabulous day. After a 1-hour visit by the local jewelry vender (beautiful things made with local agate), I was given my "bank" and drawer and went out to work cash register #3.  We have 4. Three are behind the main counter and the fourth is at the fountain where we sell ice cream, sodas, coffee, and hot dogs. Karen was behind the register when I got there, but we switched out and she stood by for about an hour and a half in case we came across things I needed help with. When we did the cash register training on Monday, the credit card machine was down, so I had on-the-job training today on the credit cards.  Easy-peasy.  At 11:30 Karen took lunch, and didn't come back until several hours later, and even then I stayed on the register the rest of the day. She left at 4:30, and I stayed until we closed at 6:30. 

I had fun!  I got to meet people from all over - Germany, France, Switzerland, Japan, Thailand, and many states all over the USA.  I did $1400 worth of business - not a whole lot in comparison to really busy days. I anticipate that this weekend it's going to be packed. I liked being busy - my feet started to really hurt, but if I was busy, I didn't think about it.

I have the next two days off - and then I work 5 straight night shifts (2:15 - 9:45).

Don worked around the trailer, then walked into town to the fly shop and Subway. I wish he could fish already, but you can't officially fish in the Park until Saturday, and even then, most of the rivers and streams are running too high. He doesn't want to fish this weekend because he doesn't want to battle the crowds. So he's just going to have to be bored for a few more days.

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