Monday, May 13, 2013

Long day, but worth it

We were up at 6 am - and in Bridgeport, that meant it was about 38 degrees outside.  I knew that where we were heading it was going to be hot, so we were both in shorts.  My feet were so cold while we were hooking up the trailer, and it took a long time till they warmed up. We headed down the East Walker River, then through the Sweetwater Valley to the Smith Valley, and had breakfast at McDonald's in Yerington.  I tried to find a sit-down place, but with McDonald's you at least get consistency.  I mean, how can you screw up an Egg McMuffin with hash browns?  And their coffee is pretty good. 

We continued north on the 95A to Fernley, where we picked up Interstate 80.  Our plan was originally to stop at Battle Mountain - there were two choices there, neither of which sounded "nice," but would be okay for an overnight.  But we hit Battle Mountain around 1:30, and decided to go the extra hour to Elko. After reading some posts on the RV forum, as well as reviews, I selected the Iron Horse RV Resort as our stop for the night.  As we took the turn and began to drive down into the resort, I was surprised to see that the place was packed.  Nearly every site was taken. We got lucky - we got the very last spot. We found out at dinner that due to the price of gold going up again, mining operations in this area of Nevada have greatly increased and there's a major housing shortage because of it.  Every RV park around here is mostly full of permanent folks - people who have built structures around their RVs and have 100-gallon propane tanks sitting outside. But we got a spot, so we're okay.

Here's a great article that tells about the mining boom here and how the RV parks are affected.

This is a pretty nice place - paved interior roads and sites, roomy sites, small swimming pool, hot tub, club house/game room - and a bit on the pricey side. We paid $45 for the night.  However, since the owners also own the Hilton Garden Inn next door, we got a coupon for 20% off a meal at their restaurant.

After we unhooked and set everything up, we went to the restaurant, where I enjoyed a steak with shrimp scampi, and Don had a dish that had fettuccine in a beef & pork red sauce.  We enjoyed our meals - and are now relaxing in the trailer watching the Angels-Royals game.

Since we came farther today than we'd planned, we'll go to Arco, Idaho tomorrow instead of Twin Falls, and then spend 2 days at Henry's Lake before we get to Gardiner.

No pics today. 

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Merikay said...

I remember driving thru Elko one time and being gad we didn't have reason to stay.