Monday, July 4, 2011

Teslin Tlingit Heritage Centre

The second museum we visited today was the Tlingit Heritage Centre, about 2 miles from the George Johnston Museum.

It had four beautiful totems out front, representing four Tlingit clans. Inside there's a large meeting room, a smaller area with museum-like displays, a kitchen, and a gift shop. While I may have called this a museum, it's clearly a center of activity for the local Tlingits.

These are called button blankets, and I'm not sure what kind of groups they represent.

Padded outfit for carrying an infant.

We looked at several different canoes, one new, one old, and a couple made of fiberglass but intricately painted.

We returned to the trailer for lunch, and...you guessed it! Don went fishing.

I walked down to the dock and watched for a while, until the wind got too strong for him.

These are the Dawson Peaks for which this resort is named.

Now this is a picture of something I've been waiting to happen. Up until now, Don has left the planning for this trip up to me. I've tried to find fishing spots for him, and campgrounds that are either well-regarded or have whatever amenities we need. I also have found the sights for us to go see, and so far he's been interested in my choices. I was very happy to see that Don is now taking a more active part in the planning.

Today we made our decisions about routes, though as you know, they're subject to change. We did decide to go to Whitehorse tomorrow for 2 days, and we'll be meeting up with Sue Thomas (http://suethomas.ca) tomorrow night. She's in Whitehorse for a little while and we invited her to come visit. If you want to get lost in gorgeous photographic descriptions of her travels in the Yukon, Alaska, and British Columbia, go visit her site for a while. I go back again and again for inspiration.

We also made the decision to take the Klondike Highway to Dawson City, and the Top of the World and Taylor Highways to Tok. What fun that will be!

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KarenInTheWoods said...

What an interesting place.. I could spend hours there learning about the culture and traditions and admiring the handiwork and textiles.

We sure are enjoying your trip, and making marks on our future map to note places to stop and see!

Karen and Steve
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Sondra said...

You've traveled far since I visited last...Awesome handicrafts of the Tlingit culture..Awesome landscapes...I really love the totems--sounds like you have some very interesting spots ahead to visit.

Chuck and Anneke's RV travels said...

Great tour, thanks!