Friday, July 15, 2011

Dawson City, Yukon - 3

Saturday, July 9

This morning we got up to watch a little soccer, and then went to the Farmer's Market in Dawson City. I wanted some berries.

It was a pretty small market, but there were two different vendors with fresh fruits and vegetables.

These are honey berries. While they look like oblong blueberries, they are pretty tart. I wanted to make a crisp.

I mixed them with a little sugar, and made a streusel topping of oats, flour, brown sugar, and butter. About 20 minutes in the oven and it was done. Boy, was it tart!! In hindsight I think I should have used them in some pancakes or muffins. We ate it, though.

We took a little walk on the dike that separates the town from the Yukon River. We learned later that it was built after the river flooded the town, and it has served as a good protection ever since.

You can see the dike behind this memorial to the pioneers.

This is actually someone's living quarters. While Don was waiting for me to get my berries, he watched a young woman step out and get into a little boat she had tied to the side of it. She motored her way over to the bank and went into town to do some shopping.

This is the Keno, a paddlewheeler that was used for many years between Whitehorse, Dawson, and Eagle.

While we were looking at the Keno, the Yukon Queen, a sightseeing catamaran came in to let its passengers off for lunch.

This set of buildings is called the Third Avenue Complex. A sign says:
"In Dawson City history, permafrost ranks second only to fire as the bane of buildings. These three structures, dating from 1901, illustrate what can happen when heated buildings are placed on frozen ground; the frost melts, mixing water with the soil to form a very fluid muck into which the different footings settle at different rates. No restoration measures have been taken with these buildings so that visitors may see history as it naturally unfolds.

We ate lunch at Klondike Kate's--Don had a grilled chicken sandwich and I had a hamburger. Both were very good.

This is the Anglican Church built by Father Judge.

After lunch we walked around a little more, and then headed up Bonanza Creek to take a tour of Dredge #4. That will be covered in the next post.

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