Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Going "off the grid"

"The grid" up here is the electric power system; for me, it's the Internet and connectivity to the outside world.

In the last few months leading up to my retirement, I told many of my friends and family that one of the things I was looking forward to the most was making it to a campground in the Yukon and being ALONE. (Well, alone with Don). My job made me be connected via email, Facebook, cell phone, home phone, fax, and text, and I've slowly eliminated those connections (for the most part) since we've come north. No fax or home phone since June 2, and no cell phone or text since June 15 (I turned it off when we crossed the border into Canada). Since we've had Internet in a lot of the campgrounds we've stayed at, or I've found a Starbucks, I've had email and Facebook. I have them tonight, too.

But tomorrow, we're going to begin a stretch of days at campgrounds with no hookups or WiFi, and I really hope that very few other campers are there. We'll see. Tomorrow and Friday we'll be at the Moose Creek Campground, run by the Yukon Government. Then we'll move further north to the Yukon Campground across the river from Dawson City--don't know how long we'll stay there. From there we'll make our way across the Top of the World Highway into Alaska, and go to Chicken. Then we'll take the Taylor Highway to Tok. Perhaps in Tok we'll have hookups--we don't know.

But the next two nights are the ones I've been dreaming about. I'll let you know how the fishing goes and how much I enjoyed the solitude.

So I'll see you in a while!!!!

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Merikay said...

Enjoy your time "together all alone."

Cindy said...

Night Cyndi!!Have fun and be safe.Looking forward to you posting on the fishing and the beautiful Alaska scenery.

Cindy and Walker

Diana of Diana Rambles said...

Yes...internet in Tok. The BIG popular place in town charges extra for it. Free in the lobby of the Tundra!

Travels with Emma said...

It took me 8 hours to drive from Dawson City to Chicken. What an adventure it was!

Rick said...

Enjoy your solitude! It would drive me crazy though! Safe travels.

Sondra said...

It sounds heavenly to me...I loved Alaska when I visted in 1999--We stayed in cabins with no "hook ups" of any kind, an out house and 2 bunk beds!! We rollled out our sleeping bags and were quite comfy. IT was nice after 2 nights on the ground in a tent at Denali and the Aritc Circle--get ready to have 20 hrs of daylight--

Chuck and Anneke's RV travels said...

Have fun in the "outback":)