Friday, July 15, 2011

South on AK 1 to Ninilchik, Alaska

We sure did see some lovely scenery today! First, though, we had to get out of Anchorage. It wasn't that hard--through the gate out of Elmendorf, right on Highway 1, left after a couple of miles, and then stay on the 1 all the way here.

First, the highway runs along the north shore of Turnagain Arm, then goes around the end and turns back west for a few miles. Then it heads south towards Seward, and after about 30 miles it splits. One road goes down to Seward, and the other goes west to Soldotna, then ends at Homer. We took the western road. About 20 miles south of Soldotna, we stopped for lunch at a pullout with these views:

Mt. Redoubt, which came to life most recently in 2009. It didn't completely erupt, but caused ash problems for the Kenai Peninsula.

We are now camped at a place called Reel 'Em Inn, a salmon and halibut fishing charter. Bruce has 2 boats, some cabins, and a few RV spaces. The RV sites are fine--we have full hookups and free WiFi. There are new toilets and showers, and if we want to use the laundry facilities, it'll be $3 a load (washer and dryer combined). Don will be going out on one of the boats on Sunday, fishing for halibut. The boats are small, so only 6 go out at a time on each one. We watched them come in this afternoon, and they'd had a very successful day. It looks like there's a 2-per person halibut limit, since they had 12 fish. Two of them were nearly 100 pounds each. I really hope Don catches some--I will definitely eat halibut!

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heyduke50 said...

one of my all time favorite fishes to eat... i am sure he will have fun out there just for the halibut :)