Wednesday, July 27, 2011

7,000 Miles and Still Going

Greetings from Toad River, British Columbia, 398 miles from the end (or the beginning) of the Alaska Highway. That point is in Dawson Creek, and from there we'll still have about 2200 miles to go before we get home.

We had a nice breakfast at Rancheria Lodge this morning. They have some great 12-grain toast and hash browns made from red potatoes, which we enjoyed with our eggs. We were on the road by 8:00, and since this section of the Alaska Highway is in pretty decent condition, we made good time. Between Watson Lake and Liard River, we saw 3 black bears and 4 buffalo. Then when we got into Muncho Lake Provincial Park, we ran into 3 different herds (flocks?) of Stone Sheep. They like to lick the salts on the roads, and have little fear of motorized vehicles. Once you honk at them they'll get out of your way.

We stopped at the Muncho Lake overlook just before a rainstorm hit. You can see it off in the distance.

From Muncho Lake it was a mild uphill drive to a pass separating the Trout River and Toad River watersheds, and then a nice long downhill to the Toad River. We pulled into Toad River Lodge at 2:30, and are enjoying some TV at one of their pull-through campsites. The MLS All-Star Game will be on this evening on TSN (Canada's ESPN), so we're glad we chose to come this far.

Tomorrow: we have no idea! Don's thinking we'll go the 400 miles to Dawson Creek and then stay there 2 nights to "celebrate" our completion of the Alaska Highway. I hope so.

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