Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Just call us Mr. and Mrs. Grump

Monday, June 27

We just cancelled the next 6 of our 7 days we'd reserved at Jasper. There are quite a few reasons, including our desire to actually get going on the Alaska Highway, but the biggest reason is the $&@! kids. We were assigned a site here at Whistlers Campground that is next to 3 different families with a total of 12 kids. The 2 boys in the site right next to us can't throw a frisbee very well, and have hit our truck twice. Don nicely told them to stop. Their mother took offense to that, and chewed him out--he shouldn't have said anything to the kids, but to her. Right. Everyone has their own rules. Then the 10 kids in the two sites on the other side (they're together) are just ...10 kids. 10 kids. 5 of them have bicycles that are equipped with noisemakers of some kind--they sound like our bikes did when we were kids and had playing cars attached to the spokes with clothespins, but on steroids. There's an infant, who has made its presence known numerous times, and several toddlers, who keep running away and have to be yelled at to return (they don't listen well). I really am done with kids.

Knowing that it's only going to get worse with Canada Day on Friday, and knowing that there are still no rivers to fish around here, we've decided to leave in the morning. We might stop somewhere between Prince George and Dawson Creek, or we might make it all the way to Dawson Creek. We just don't know. What will happen will happen.

The adventure begins!

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Merikay said...

As I read about your current trip, I remember last year when you were discussing full time. Looks like things are working out for the best, and you still have your home to go back to.

You give me hope!