Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Craters of the Moon National Monument-1

We were up again at 6 yesterday morning, intending to watch part of the French Open finals match between Nadal and Federer, but the Salt Lake City preempted it for a telethon. (The same station Preempted the Stanley Cup game the night before--I guess hockey and tennis aren't that big a deal in Salt Lake City.). So, we were on the road fairly early again, and headed north out of Wells on the 93.

The open range north of Wells must have lost of deer, as we saw two of these deer-crossing bridges over the highway.

We gassed up in Jackpot, just on the Idaho-Nevada border, and continued on through Twin Falls and across the Snake River.

I was caught off guard at the Snake River bridge, so the phot is crooked. But it was a beautiful gorge at that point.

The 93 took us up onto the Snake River Plain, and we got to Craters of the Moon around 1:00.

We had already decided that if we couldn't get into the campground we'd continue on to an RV park in Arco, but we found what must have been the only level site in the whole campground. At least that's what we were told by 3 different people who walked by while we were setting up.

The campground sits right in the lava flow, with views of both cinder cones and spatter cones.

We relaxed during the afternoon, then cooked some chicken on the grill for dinner. After dinner we took a walk around the campground, then while I went to nurse 2 ingrown toenails, Don walked a short trail nearby.

He took this photo of the campground. Our trailer is just to the right of center. We're taking that trail again after dinner (unless it rains) and I'll take a pic using the zoom.

The people who had this campsite before us left some dog kibble out for the chipmunks. This little guy and his friends ate it all up in less than an hour.

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