Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Henry's Lake-1

Wednesday, June 8
We are now camped at Red Rock RV Park at Henry's Lake in northeastern Idaho. We're about 15 miles from West Yellowstone.

This morning we awoke to clouds and sprinkles, which temporarily gave way to sun long enough for us to hook up the trailer and leave Craters of the Moon. We stopped at a free county dump station just south of Arco, and then turned off the 22 onto the 33. This took us east all the way to Rexford' where we got on the 20 and went north. In Rexford we noticed the Teton River and the Henry's Fork were higher than we'd ever seen them; there was lots of flooding everywhere.

When we got up on top of the Island Park caldera we saw that theree was still lots of snow in the forest and on the north-facing hills. The mountains are still snow-covered too, of course. The clouds and rain followed us from Craters of the Moon, and shortly after we arrived at Red Rock RV it began sprinkling again. I could look west towards Red Rock Pass and see that it was snowing.

We unhooked and set up, and then drove Robbin's Roost in Island Park so Don could get an Idaho fishing license. I also wanted some salsa--and ended up saving several bucks by getting a jalapeño for 27 cents. I brought my little rocket blender so I could make margaritas and salsa, so I took a can of diced tomatoes, half of a jalapeño, garlic, salt, and a dash each of dried cilantro and sugar and whipped up some homemade salsa. It was good with tortilla chips and was great on our tacos.

Don had to go fishing--he's been without his fishing "fix" for several weeks--so he put on his gear and headed for the lake. While he was gone, I broke out the sewing machine and "made fabric" (sewed together lots of small scraps into larger pieces that will then be used in some other pieces).

He returned around 4:30--said he didn't get a bite--it was too windy. Te rains returned during dinner. We're using the electric heater since it's rather chilly. It's a little weird reading other people's blogs about the heat in mother parts of the country, when I look out my window and see snow still on the ground.

I just realized it's late--so I'm going to bed!

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Hitchitch said...

Check out the Free county park on the west side of Henery's Lake.