Friday, June 24, 2011

A "me" day in Banff

Wednesday, July 22

Don wanted to Spend the day fishing at Johnson Lake, so after breakfast I dropped him off and headed into town to use the WiFi at Starbucks, arrange for a haircut, and do a little window shopping.

I asked for a haircut referral at the Visitor Information Center, and was directed to En Vogue, right down the street from the VIC and Starbucks. When I told the hairdresser I wanted a few inches of my ragged, tired-out hair cut off since I was growing out the old color and hoping natural, he said, "Oh, I'd love to do that for you. It really needs a new look." I loved his honesty. We made an appointment for 12:30, and I went to Starbucks for a while.

I wanted a salad for lunch, and found a restaurant that served one described as mixed greens with a raspberry vinaigrette. They seated me upstairs on their patio, where I had a lovely view and an excellent salad.

Here's my new cut. Don's first reaction was that I look like my sister Eileen. That's perfectly all right with me. As the day went by the ends curled even more, and I have a little "flip" in my new hairstyle.

It's definitely healthier, since he cut about 6 inches of dry, split ends off. I had told him to cut off as much as he wanted, as long as I could still pull it into a ponytail.

The rest of my day was spent reading next to the lake while Don fished. He had said he would be out on the lake until 2--that 5 hours would be plenty--but he didn't come in until 5!

So instead of grilling something for dinner, we had a tuna casserole that I was able to throw together from cans in the pantry. (You use canned potato sticks instead of noodles. It was a bit salty--I used a cheaper version of caof mushroom soup instead of the low sodium one. But Don loved it.)

We had to stop for a small group (7) of elk crossing the road next to the campground.

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Sondra said...

NICE new hair do...IM keeping mine short these Days easy peasy...Sounds like you had a good girly day on your own! NICE to see the ELK.