Monday, June 13, 2011

Good Fishing Today

It was good yesterday, too--but it poured rain all day ( and snowed a little, too). Don said the fish actually started biting when the weather worsened.

Today Don came back around noon and told me to grab the camera. (He'd mentioned yesterday that he was tired of telling me about the fish instead of having proof).

These are Yellowstone Cutthroats, and he estimates each one weighs about 3 to 3 1/2 ponds each.

One of the camp hosts told Don to come to the office to get his picture taken, and while we were there, the owner had to have his picture taken with Don.

The man in blue took a video, too. After the pics were taken, they printed one up and had Don sign it. It's now hanging up in the office for everyone to see.

As we were walking away, this boy came up to get his picture taken with this nice rainbow:

It's probably a 5-pounder.

Since we don't care that much for trout, we gave them to one of the camp hosts. He and his wife will be enjoying fresh trout for dinner!

Tomorrow: Malmstrom Air Force Base inGreat Falls
Wednesday: Ft. McLeod, Alberta
Thursday: Bow Valley Provincial Park west of Calgary for 4 days

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