Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Starting Slowly - Losing the Stuff

Today's Update:

1. The rocker-glider was given to a gal through Freecycle. She picked it up today.
2. I put 49 cross stitch booklets on ebay - some are worth over $30 (they're out of print and rare).
3. I gave 3 booklets away for the price of postage on a cross stitch message board.
4. I am making arrangements with one of my friends for a yard sale at his house in May. I'm sure that will NOT be the last one, since I know of a lot of things already that I need up until the end, and other things that need to stay on the walls to make the house look sell-able.
5. An old DirecTV dish that we used before we got our portable dome (for the trailer) is going to the thrift shop tomorrow, since I advertised it on freecycle and had no takers.

Future tasks:
a. scan scrapbooking pages and put on a CD. I can't believe I have 15 3-ring binders full of scrapbook pages!
b. sell/donate music CDs - I have them all on my computer, my iphone, and my ipod - so why do I need the actual CDs?

One Day Closer...

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