Tuesday, February 23, 2010

(The Firehole River, Yellowstone National Park)

The first task that we need to work on is divesting ourselves of our "stuff." So our minds have been focused on that lately. I'm using ebay for things that are easy to mail, craigslist for things that are not, freecycle for things we know won't get any money, and I'm planning a yard sale (or more) for May. Yesterday I spent almost the whole day (the Olympics were on TV) putting a couple dozen cross stitch patterns on ebay. Since almost half of them are rare and out-of-print, I woke this morning to see that nearly every one has watchers and about 10 have bids already. I'll be adding some birkenstocks and Weekenders clothes later, since I know they sell well.

Don's coming by the office this morning to drop off a rocker-glider that has already been claimed on freecycle. Next up will be the bowling balls, bags, and shoes - I tried to give the balls to the bowling alley in Redlands but they didn't want them.

Don keeps finding more things in the basement that need to go - so I'm going to try craigslist before I put them in the yard sale. The two backpacks, sleeping bags, pads, and cooking stuff are things that are very dear to me, but I think we won't be backpacking any more.

That's all for now - gotta go to work.


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