Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Feeding the Blue Pig

Let me tell you about the blue pig. It's about 6" high and 12" long from snout to tail. It's made of nearly indestructable plastic, and the only opening is a slot in the top. There's no plug like there is in a ceramic pig. I deliberately got this one because of that. I can't break into it.

I got the blue pig about a year ago, when I was on a frugality kick (yeah, I know I should be on a frugality kick all the time) and was trying to find ways to save a little money here and there. I would my morning Starbucks, for example, and would come home and put $2 in the blue pig. If I took my lunch, instead of eating out, I would come home and put $5 in the blue pig. I sold a bunch of rubber stamps on ebay, and after I'd accumulated over $100 in my paypal account, I transferred it to my checking account and put a hundred-dollar bill in the blue pig.

I clean out my wallet every few days, and all the silver coins go in the blue pig. It's quite heavy now, and I'm guessing it's about 3/4 full. My best estimate as to how much money is in there is that it's over $500.

Now that I"m using ebay and craigslist to start Project Purge, all the money I make from those sales will go in the blue pig.

I haven't decided what the money in the blue pig will be spent on - and I won't decide until it's crammed so full that I can't put anything else in it. One thing I HAVE decided is that it's going to be related to our full-timing goal - something for the trailer, a bill that needs to be paid off, gasoline for the travels - who knows? We'll see what the need is when the time comes.

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