Sunday, February 28, 2010

Points to Ponder #2

Bad Kreuznach, Germany 1988

You know how sometimes your brain latches onto a "problem," and you can't think of anything else until you've resolved it? Such is what happened just now.

I will not take my Foodsaver with me on the road. I went through all the pros and cons, and decided that I just won't need it. It'll take up too much space, and in my opinion, it'll cost too much to keep using the special rolls (even though I currently buy generic ones in bulk). There are numerous ways to freeze meats for longer periods of time, but the key would be to just not buy so much at once. Also, if one of my goals is to cut back on meats, then I just won't use a Foodsaver all that much anyway.

Problem solved.

One day closer...


Vicki and Porter said...

Our sticks and bricks house sold 4 days after we listed it. Sold to a cash buyer that wanted us out in three weeks. We have nothing in storage and one trunk in a relatives attic. Getting down to what you are taking is a painful yet liberating experience. We called all of our friends and relatives to take what they wanted,(a steady stream of u-hauls ensued)two yard sales later the rest was donated or tossed in a dumpster. Be strong! You are headed into a wonderful lifestyle. Porter and Vicki

Cyndi said...

I so agree with the "liberating" part! Each time something goes, we're just a little closer. I need to convince my kids to take their stuff - I'll start pressuring them soon. I'm really glad I have a whole lot more time than you two - years vs. days.