Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Losing the Stuff Update #2

Glacier National Park
July 2001

1. I posted on freecycle that we had two bowling bags (and balls if anyone wanted them) to give away. So far, there are no takers, so the bags will go to the thrift shop.
2. I sold 25 of my CDs through craigslist, and another 13 are "reserved" by a guy named Tony who will come next week to pick them up. That's money for the blue pig!
Note: I already have all the music on my computer and my ipod, and all the favorites are on my iphone, so there's no need to have the actual CDs. If I need CDs to play in the truck or Jeep, I can burn them cheaply from the computer. It was easy to let them go.
3. So far I've sold 5 of my cross stitch pattern booklets - all were OOP (out of print) and 4 were also rare, so they were snapped up quickly. They were sold for $10.99, $30, $40, $35, and $35. That's $160 for 5 booklets! There are 58 more listings - some are for multiple booklets - and I'd guess that over half of them have bids so far. Now most of them are going to go for under $5 - but there are a few more that are OOP and rare.

So it was a busy day in cyberspace - all this while I worked and held meetings and answered emails and phone calls.

One Day Closer...

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