Sunday, September 2, 2012

My morning hike

We've been here at the Highlander in Lake City for a little over a week now - and I've either sat around watching TV, working on the computer, reading, or sewing.  It was time to get off my butt and start walking.

Up behind the campground is a mountain, and there is a "road" that switchbacks up the mountain from the campsite.  There are 17 switchbacks. The first 3 are pretty long, and end up at a bench that was put there by Don and Dianne.  I decided I will go up to that bench every day for a couple of days, and then go further up. I've been up 12 switchbacks - to where Don has a little water treatment facility for the campground. I'll make it up there by the end of the week.

 Right behind the campground, at the base of the road up the mountain, is Don's waterfall. It's water from a spring high up on the mountain. He diverts some of it for the campground.

 Right next to the waterfall is a sign that notes that this was the site of an old mine.

 A little further up the trail/road is another old mine, the Argus.

 This is the view of the campground from the end of the first switchback. Our trailer is in the center of the photo.

 Diane has placed a dozen or so of these gnomes at various places along the trail/road.

 I've made it to the Highlander bench!

Looking eastward - the Lake Fork of the Gunnison is in the lower part of the photo, and then above it is the Slumgullion Earthflow and Slumgullion Pass.

Looking southeast over the campground towards Lake San Cristobal. We're only about 300 yards from the lake. Don used to walk up there to fish before he started flyfishing rivers.

As I go higher and higher, I'll take more pics.

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Teri said...

Since I hike alone, I like campgrounds that have places for me to hike nearby. I may have to stop at this campground someday.