Sunday, August 26, 2012

Last Days in Taylor Park

Like I've always said - it's all about the view.

After we left Dinner Station Campground, we went to Lakeview Campground for 9 days.  Lakeview is on the south side of the lake, with a loop of sites that have electricity and million-dollar views. We were in site 52 for 4 days, then moved to site 66.  Both have fabulous views, and we spent many hours just relaxing in our chairs looking at the scenery.

Taylor Park is surrounded on the north and east by the Collegiate Peaks of the Sawatch Range, and about a dozen of them are over 14,000'. 

We really didn't do a lot worth writing about other than Don fishing and me sewing. We did go to Crested Butte again - for dinner at Slogar.  Slogar is a pretty popular restaurant with a unique menu - you get chicken or steak, and most customers get the chicken. It's fried, and tastes a whole lot better than KFC.

 Here's how your meal goes:
First, the waitstaff brings out the "appetizers."  There's a relish tray - carrots, pickles, celery, and cinnamon-poached pears.  There's a bowl of creamy cottage cheese, a bowl of cole slaw, and a bowl of tomato chutney.  Our waitress explained that many people just mix it all together (we didn't).  The pears were pretty good, but were slightly flavored by the pickle juice.  The cottage cheese and cole slaw were really tasty, but Don and I were divided on the tomato chutney (he liked it; I didn't). 

Next is the main meal.  Each diner is allotted half of a chicken - so we got 2 huge breasts, 2 legs, 2 thighs, and 2 wings. It's all on one plate, as this meal is served "family style."  We also get a bowl of mashed potatoes, a bowl of cream gravy, a bowl of creamed corn (not like the canned stuff - this is whole kernels in cream), and a basket of the lightest biscuits I've ever had.  For the biscuits there's honey butter and homemade strawberry jam.  You can get seconds on all the sides, as they're "all-you-can'eat."  They let you take any leftover chicken with you, but not the sides.  We had seconds on the corn, but otherwise, were unable to eat everything and took chicken home with us.  We were both stuffed.

Most days at Taylor Park were spent doing our favorite activities - Don went fishing, and I sewed.  Since we had electricity, I had TV to watch as well, and kept up with the two big trials on TruTV. Our weather was wonderful - mostly sunny days with occasional thundershowers, but never anything extreme.

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