Thursday, August 2, 2012

Relaxing in Ridgway

We've had a wonderful stay here at Ridgway State Park. I've enjoyed having electricity and television (especially during the Olympics), and Don has had a blast with the Uncompahgre River just steps away. We're in the Pah-Co-Chu-Puk campground, which is below the dam from the reservoir. The tailwaters here have presented quite a challenge to Don, but he's slowly started to figure things out. Today he caught a huge rainbow and an even larger cutthroat. He didn't even know there were cutthroats in the river here.

Yesterday we went to the Ouray Hot Springs Pool. It has three sections; one includes the lap lanes and a large play area that's 9 feet deep. It also has the landing atea for some huge circular water slides. The temp in this section is 85 degrees. We swam laps for about an hour (slowly and stopping often), and then went over to the hottest section. There it's 105 degrees, and we stayed there for less than 10 minutes. The "medium" section was where most of the kids and their parents were--it was 95 degrees. It felt like a bathtub. We went back into the cold section for a while and then decided we'd had enough. (Seriously--my shoulders were pretty sore last night, and both of us picked up a little sunburn.)

We went up to the central part of Ouray, where I bought a cheap watch since my good one is malfunctioning, and we enjoyed some ice cream at Mouse's Chocolate Shop. I strolled through a bookstore for a bit, but didn't find any books I wanted and successfully resisted getting a canvas messenger bag. I also wandered for a while at a gourmet kitchen/food store--nothing I needed there, either.

Today I went to Montrose--it was Farmers' Market day and I wanted to see what they had. I bought some okra and green beans. I also picked up some groceries at City Market in preparation for going up on the Grand Mesa Friday. Dinner tonight was grilled hot links and fried okra. Maybe it's all in your mind, but it seems to taste better when it's fresh.

Tomorrow's laundry day, and I plan to visit the bookstore in Ridgway and use their Internet. Then Friday, we'll head up to the Grand Mesa--200+ lakes at 10,000 feet. We won't have hookups, and I have no idea whether we'll have cell reception, either.

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Teri said...

I have reservations for Ridgway State Park for Sunday and Monday, I'll be in a different campground in the park. Did you walk any of the trails in the park?

Sunny said...

Wondering what the average temperatures run out there this time of year. I am trying to map out for next years travels and would like to go to states where it is not so hot... Looks like a beautiful place!