Thursday, April 28, 2011

Recommendation: Get this App!

If you have a smartphone - whether it's an iPhone, an Android, or a Windows-based phone, then you must get this application, if you don't already have it.  It's free.

Gas Buddy

I downloaded it this morning, and discovered it's extremely easy to use, and soooo useful.  Don and I have recently made the switch over to cash after using Shell, Conoco, Chevron, etc. credit cards for years. We liked the convenience of making once-monthly payments. But now with the prices of gas so high, we're switching to cash since we can save so much at the local Fastrip, Arco, or other nondescript station. 

This morning I paid $4.13/gallon for regular at the Fastrip, compared to $4.23/gallon at the Shell.

The app allows you to check for prices near your current location, or by town/state/zip code, including Canada. You can also update it easily, which I did for 5 different stations this morning. You can get prices for regular, premium, and ultra-premium, as well as diesel. (I can't believe it's $4.69 for diesel at Chevron today!)

I am getting no compensation for this "commercial."


On Da Road said...

Don't have those type phones .. but gas is $5.09 in Bridgeport, CA .. Crazy!

heyduke50 said...

yes indeed gas buddy is a real keeper...

Rustedgranny said...

This is the kind of commercial I appreciate. A good product, with proven results. thank you.

Debbies Camping and Home Recipes said...

I hear it wont let your phone go into sleep mode. I wonder if that is a bad thing?

Cyndi said...

Debbie, I haven't had that problem with my iphone. I use the app every day (I like to update the local prices) and that hasn't happened.