Sunday, April 24, 2011

Friday at Fairview Campground

This post was written on Friday, April 22, 2011

The night was cool--temps in the 40s, but it was comfortable in the trailer. We got up at 6:30, and enjoyed our first cup of coffee inside. We tried sitting outside, but it was a breezy and a little too chilly. After a breakfast of sausage and egg quesadillas, Don headed upriver.

I sat outside with my cross stitch for a couple of hours, but it started getting a bit too warm in the sun and I didn't want to put the awning up. I put everything in the trailer and took a walk around the campground with my little notebook. Since we know we'll be coming back, I made a list of the campsites that are appealing, as well as long and wide enough, and also made note of the ones that are long enough but either sloped or too narrow. There's one that's next to the river that is my #1 favorite for next time--I'm drawn to the concept of falling asleep to the sound of the river.

Don came back around 3:00, and said he caught a few nice fish upriver. He had to hike about 2 miles to get to the river again after the trail went up high above the bank, and so he was a little tired. We sat in the shade for a while, watching the mountainside to the east. We watched a car head up a 4WD road, and wondered where the people in it were going. I hadn't brought my Sequoia National Forest Map with me on this trip, so I couldn't see if they were going up a hiking trail or not. About 2 hours later, while we were cooking dinner outside, we saw them coming down what appeared to be a trail several hundred yards above where they'd originally stopped. Then late at night (after 9), we saw their flashlights and realized they were still up there. I'm going to have to check the map when I get home and see what's up there.

We also watched a large deer climbing up the mountain, but it was just the one. That led us to talking about the Alaska Highway, and our hopes of seeing lots of wildlife along the way.

Dinner was grilled chicken, baked beans, and corn, and we sat outside another couple of hours until it started getting dark. We read in bed-- Don made it until 8:30, and I had to finish the book I was reading (Capture by Robert K Tanenbaum), so I made it 'til 10.

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