Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Continuing the Countdown

I now have 34 working days left. We have finalized our plans for the first part of the summer: on June 1 we're "moving into" Yucaipa Regional Park for 2 nights so we can get everything ready to go. I'll still go to work those 2 days, but having hookups (instead of having the trailer in the storage lot) will allow me to fill up the fridge and freezer. We'll be able to come back up to the house in case we forget anything.

The first month of the trip is scripted-reservations have been made.

June 3 we'll hit the road, and plan on spending the night in Alamo, Nevada.

June 4: probably Wells, Nevada.

June 5, 6, and 7: I think that we'll be ready to stop and stretch our legs for a bit, so we're going to stop at a campground in Arco, Idaho near Craters of the Moon National Monument. There are some nice hikes to take and places to see, so a 3-night stop will be good here.

June 8: Sula, Montana. We'll stay here for 6 nights. Our campsite, at the Sula Country Store and RV Campground, is 20 feet from the East Fork of the Bitterroot. It's one of Don's most favorite rivers to fish. I love the area-rugged mountains, rushing rivers, bighorn sheep, and a small (16-sites) campground that's one of my favorites.

June 14: Malmstrom Air Force Base FamCamp in Great Falls, Montana, 2 nights. Here we'll use their FREE laundry facilities and stock up at the commissary. I plan to fill the freezer and fridge since I'm sure food will get more expensive as we go further north.

June 16: Bow Valley Provincial Park, Alberta, Canada, 4 nights. Don's first opportunity to fish the Bow River. We'll do a little exploring of Kannanaskis Country- the beautiful mountains southwest of Calgary. We decided to forego hookups here to save a little money--since we want hookups in Banff and Jasper.

June 20: 7 nights at Tunnel Mountain Trailer Court in Banff National Park. I made the reservations the very first morning the reservation window opened.

June 27: 7 nights at Whistler's Campground in Jasper National Park.

July 4: Off into the Great Unknown! We intend to make our way to Dawson Creek and Mile Zero of the Alaska Highway, and then head north and west. We've looked at maps, the Internet, Milepost (the book), and numerous other guides and resources, and have decided NOT to decide right now where we'll stop and which routes we'll take when faced with choices. I'm sure we'll make it into the Yukon Territory, but will we make it to Alaska? Will we take the Klondike Highway to Dawson City? Will we go all the way to Fairbanks and Anchorage? Will we take the Cassiar Highway and visit Stewart and Hyder? I have no idea. We'll make those decisions when we get there.

This is going to be so fun!

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Merikay said...

Sounds wonderful and you don't have to go thru the work and pain of selling the house and getting rid of tons of stuff.

I think you made the right decision.

Lynilu said...

I detect a huge amount of happiness in that post!! I don't get it. [wink]

Sondra said...

Awww..what an adventure!!!

heyduke50 said...

looking forward to sharing this journey though words with you... Alaska is in our future plans as well...

K and D in the RV said...

Email us when you get to Canada. We lived in Jasper for 20 years and you will pass us by on the way to the Cassiar. Would love to meet up. Whistler Campground is expensive, but it is in the park and close to the (mayhem) activities. Lucerne Campground, just outside of Jasper NP, on the British COlumbia side, is lovely.

Diana said...

Sounds like a great plan - looking forward to riding along!

Sue Malone said...

I'm having so much fun catching up on your blog, Cindy, especially enjoyed reading about your Alaska plans since I have been pouring over the same routes and making those same decisions. Although, we already decided YES to the Cassiar Highway since my daughter who drives a big rig and has done that route several times this last year says it's much more beautiful than much of the main route. OK, back to catching up. I'm really enjoying getting to know you, and can't believe I only found your blog now.