Tuesday, March 8, 2011

My New Spice "Rack"

It's actually a metal plate that my friend Patrick made for me and my husband mounted into the recess above the refrigerator.  The tins are magnetic - I bought them at Cost Plus World Market for $1.99 each. I used to have just a couple silver ones, and when I went to get more for this set up, they had red, orange and green.  Now all my spices are within handy reach in tins that I can either measure out with a spoon or sprinkle out of the holes in the twistable lid.  I used to have them in their original containers in 3 little shelves that I used to use for my thread - but they kept falling out, and I wanted my thread holders back.

We're heading to Nevada on Saturday - 5 nights at Pyramid Lake northeast of Reno, 5 nights at Fallon Naval Air Station southeast of Reno, and 3 nights on the Owens River just out of Bishop (back in California).   Don will be hunting big browns at Pyramid Lake, anything he can find around Fallon, and browns and rainbows in the Owens.  I plan to sew, hike, read, and not think about work.

I'll be sure to take lots of pictures!
The countdown continues until June 2nd - 50 working days and whatever it says on the sidebar for total days.


Lynilu said...

Sharp idea!

Merikay said...

That is a very good idea. It's hard to tell how much each container holds. I shall have to look for these at the cost plus, and possibly use the idea in the future, even if it is only for some of my spices.

My only concern is that the amount will be to small. Many spices cost over $4. these days and I'd hate to have to toss a half of a bottle.

The concept of using magnets may be applicable in other ways. They sell magnetic strips at the craft store.

Velcro might also work.