Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Staying in Bishop

After looking at the weather report for the area of Nevada north of here (wind, cold, rain, snow), and seeing that things are going to remain mostly nice in the Bishop area, we decided to stay here. We moved yesterday from the very rustic (but beautiful) Pleasant Valley Campground to the very citified Highlands RV in town. While Don fished, I broke out the sewing machine and had some quilting therapy while watching TV. Then I walked across the street to Le Petite Pantry-a place known for its Mexican food (bet you thought I was going to say French!) and pie. I enjoyed a slice of apple pie and a cup of coffee, and read a little of my Laura Lippman Tess Monaghan series. After Don came back I took my first shower in 4 days--it felt soooo good!

We're going to enjoy hookups and civilization for a week, then we'll head to Lone Pine and rough it for 4-5 days before heading back home.

Here are a few more pics from the Pleasant Valley area.

This is the Pleasant Valley Campground, taken from the top of the hill to the south. Our trailer is the white dot in the center of the photo.

Up above the campground is 3-mile-long Pleasant Valley Reservoir, and above the reservoir is a power plant. This is the Owens River just above the power plant.

The power plant and penstock.

Since there's a locked gate, fishermen ride their bikes the 3 miles from the power plant to where they can get down to the reservoir by the dam.

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