Sunday, February 27, 2011

Another 3-Foot Snowfall

We knew this storm was going to be a biggie - but the prediction was for TWO feet, not THREE.  Nevertheless, we managed. We had three short (less than 5 minutes) power outages, which were just long enough to cause a panic, but not long enough to get the generator going or pull out the hand-crank sewing machine. We are enjoying the knowledge that this might be our last winter here - we have no intentions of staying in the house if we know a big storm's coming.  There's plenty of space at Anza-Borrego or even our local parks.

The lump on the left is my Jeep; the one on the right is Don's truck.

To the left of the posts is supposed to be a walkway; that's a road between our house and our neighbors's blue house.

After we cleared off the front of Don's truck.

Our house. See the ladder?  It's for climbing up to clear the snow off the satellite dish. You can see that we'd cleared it and then another 10 inches fell.


Lynilu said...

Happily, the snow you allowed to get past you was just a smidgen. It's already melted! Whew! Hope you have lots of wood already inside the house!

Merikay said...

Everywhere else missed the big storm! Guess you were just lucky :~)

Travels with Emma said...

Egad! That's a lot of snow! :)

Diana said...

Love the picture of the lumps! And if that were me, I would definitely also have a ladder at hand to clear off the satellite dish!

Rustedgranny said...

I cannot believe that much snow! I've gone past your area a few times, up near Big Bear and noted it's high, but wouldn't have expected 3' of snow. No wonder you wanted to go down to the desert.

Diana said...

Check out my blog - you are a winner! Please email me your address.