Friday, December 20, 2013

December 19 - Willcox & Chiricahua National Monument

We moved today - about 50 miles to the northeast to the town of Willcox.  We're in a small RV park called Fort Willcox, far enough from the 10 to not hear the trucks and far enough from the tracks to not be bothered by the passing trains.

We were watching the weather forecast - our plans had been to go to Chiricahua National Monument on Friday - but with a major storm coming in, we decided to go after we set the trailer up. But first, lunch.  We'd gotten a recommendation in Bisbee to make sure we ate at the rail car.  Big Tex BBQ is built around a real railroad car, and we both had the barbecue brisket sandwich.  It was huge!  And good.

We then drove southeast to Chiricahua National Monument - a place that's always been on our bucket list. We stopped at the Visitor Center, where we saw a little film and the exhibits. We learned that the formations were created from volcanic ash.  A huge volcano had erupted, and the ash was compressed into rock over the eons. Then fissures and cracks formed, and water eroded the rocks, leaving the hoodoo-like formations.

Next, we drove the 8-mile drive up to Massai Point, where we walked a short nature trail.  We didn't stay out long - it was really windy, and I didn't have earmuffs or a hat, and my ears started aching horribly. So we took lots of pictures at the top and on the way back down. 

Sugarloaf Mountain - looks a lot like the Sugarloaf on the 38 going to Big Bear

Cochise Head - looks just like him!

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