Monday, July 30, 2012

Along the Dolores River

Wednesday, July 25

We spent 3 days on the Dolores at our boondocking spot. Since we were close to Rico, I dropped Don off about 2 miles north of our site and he fished his way back to camp while I went to Rico to use their WiFi.

This is where I dropped him off, looking downriver.

He said it was a pretty steep trail, but he made it without falling.

One of the days we drove up to Trout Lake, which is just the other side of Lizard Head Pass (about 10 miles).

I snapped a photo of the lake, and had settled down with a good book when Don discovered he'd left his fly box back at camp. So, he didn't fish there that day.

After 3 days south of Rico, we moved to Cayton Campground north of Rico, where we have electricity. We don't have water or sewer, so we'd planned to dump when we got there and use our hose to fill up the fresh water tank. Unfortunately, the camp host (who locks the dump cap) was not there when we arrived. After waiting for 2 hours, we finally decided to take our site and use our portable tank to make some room in our black water tank. The camp host showed up around 5 pm, and said he'd gone to Ridgway to do laundry. He told us we could dispose of our gray water out in the field, so we figured we'd make it the 5 days we're here.

We tried for a few hours to get our DirecTV to work, but soon came to the realization that the satellite is behind a mountain. So, no TV. No radio. As I write this, the Olympic Opening Ceremony is on, and we've already missed a US Women's soccer game. Oh well. We'll survive.

I did want to mention this place:

We went to Rico to eat dinner a couple of nights ago, and the place we'd planned on eating at was closed. So we went to the Enterprise Bar and Grill. We had the best hamburgers we've had in a long time. The beef is from Colorado cattle, grown near Delta. So, so good.

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